H-boat Nordics 2014


We aimed to have the Nordics 2014 arranged as part of Hankø Race Week. Unfortunately, we were not able to gather enough boats for a valid Nordic Championship. Nevertheless, the 14 H-boats participating at Hankø Race Week enjoyed four days of good sailing and some nice social events.

The winner of Hankø Race Week was Martin Almslätt and his crew from Långedrags SS. Congratulations! All the results will be available at the HRW webpage
June 29, 2014


Welcome to the H-boat Nordics 2014, arranged as part of Hankø Race Week. June 26-29 at Hankø near Fredrikstad, Norway

The H-boat Nordic Championship 2014 will be held at the Hankø Race Week (HRW), june 26-29. HRW is a great sailing event, arranged at Hankø just outside Fredrikstad, Norway – about 50 km north of Strömstad and 200 km north of Göteborg.

At HRW several hundred sailors, across eight one-design classes, meet for racing at one of the fines racing arenas in Norway. The host, the Royal Norwegian Yacht Club and Hankø Yacht Club, are highly experienced and provide for great experiences both at the water and during social events in the evenings.

HRW runs for four days (Thursday through Sunday). However, only the three last days (Friday – Sunday) will count as the Nordics. This to make it easier for sailors who may not be able to sail for four days. The Thursday sailing will then be a tune-up for the Nordics. There will also be a separate list for all four days of HRW. See all details in the Notice of Race.

You register for the H-boat Nordics by registering for the H-boat class at the HRW webpage. At this webpage you also find more detailed information on HRW.

Here you can go directly to registration and also see the list of registered participants

Hope to see you for great sailing at the Nordics and Hankø Race Week.